About Our Company

About Our Company

Formed by Erich Spangenberg and a group of IP experts, Yuzhi IP Advisors provides its clients with both answers and results.

Yuzhi IP Advisors Makes Your Patents Work For You With A Keen Understanding That All Situations Are Unique

Most of our clients hold a large number of patents. They need answers to complex questions about:
  • Monetization alternatives
    • Global licensing and litigation
    • Pooling and other partnering arrangements
  • Commercial alternatives
  • Financing alternatives
  • Strategic alternatives
  • Due diligence
We understand our clients’ business reality:
  • Every corporation has a unique culture and a unique operating environment
  • Strategic and other considerations may dictate particular approaches to the way patents are used
  • Not all large corporations have the time, budget or specialized in-house resources to implement an effective patent asset management program
Yuzhi IP Advisors Strategy Monetization

It is impossible for any single advisory firm to have all the expertise needed for effective patent asset management in-house. We’ve partnered with the best providers of brokerage, legal, reverse engineering, and technical and industry expert services to bring our clients a complete solution with a single point of contact. Working together with our partners, we provide answers and results. Learn more about what we do and how we do it.

A Long History Of Patent Asset Management

Billions Of Dollars Of Success For Clients

Yuzhi IP Advisors, Inc. is a Shanghai-based IP asset management firm that specializes in China and Asia markets.

How We Work

The principals of Yuzhi IP Advisors have been involved in patent asset management for many years. We’ve successfully implemented programs for all types and sizes of patent owners. Over the years, our team has managed thousands of global litigations, negotiated over 1,000 licenses, and served as the principal advisors in patent transactions that have generated over $1 billion in revenue. Learn more about our Management Team.

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