Analytics Platform


Patent Monetization relies heavily on finding and understanding key trends and points of data which can influence decisions that lead to success. Our analytics platform is designed to bring those points to light.

The Details Of Success Are Buried In Data


Our Platform Finds Them And Puts Them To Work

The Yuzhi IP Analytics Platform is a proprietary software tool that applies sophisticated analytics to help gain an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of patents. Developed with a team of predictive analytics experts out of the University of Minnesota, the Yuzhi IP Analytics Platform is uniquely focused on what is important to our team. The tool gives us a “big picture” view of a portfolio as well as an in-depth understanding of individual patents.

This tool isn’t available to the general public. We use it as an in-house tool, and we occasionally give our clients access to the tool as well.

Yuzhi IP Advisors Analytics Platform