Representative Clients

Yuzhi IP Advisors Representative Clients

Representative Clients

Yuzhi IP Advisors helps companies understand and find value in their patents, often for companies who cannot harness the resources to evaluate them independently.

Patent Asset Value Opportunities Are Universal

No Matter Your Size Or Sector

Yuzhi IP Advisors works with many different types of clients, including corporations, universities, and others.

Large Corporations

Large corporations have special challenges in patent asset management. Some of those challenges include:

  • Large portfolios – they may not know which patents are potentially valuable
  • Cross licensing and other pre-existing licensing deals that can complicate monetization
  • Strategic considerations (alliances, etc.) that can complicate monetization strategies
  • Lack of a corporate budget to pursue alternative strategies that require financing

Our large company clients view patent asset management like other specialized activities that they outsource. Patent asset management is a complicated field that requires major investments to achieve success. Outsourcing patent asset management allows companies to unlock the value in their patents while remaining focused on their core businesses.

Small Corporations

Our small and medium-sized clients generally have no alternative but to turn to outside help for patent asset management. Having many of the same limitations as larger corporations, they further face significant financial constraints. Launching a patent licensing campaign will generally mean taking on millions of dollars in expenses, with no guarantee of results.


Universities generate a great deal of intellectual property in the course of their research. Universities are increasingly seeking to protect their investment in IP. Patents can be used to launch new companies or to generate licensing revenue that can support further research or other academic financial needs. Yuzhi IP Advisor’s principals have monetized patents for several leading research institutions.

Other Patent Owners

Other patent owners, such as government agencies, individual inventors, or nonprofit entities, face similar challenges in generating a return from patents: the process is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Yuzhi IP Advisors handles the complexity and absorbs the cost and risk, making it possible for patent owners to enjoy the benefits of their patents without the downside exposure that can accompany patent asset management.